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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Churches have repaid millions in pandemic stimulus funds

Teach a man to fish? Faced with a pandemic employment crisis, Christian ministries are teaching community members to develop trades, apply for jobs, and, most significantly, how to work unto the Lord.

Churches have repaid millions in pandemic stimulus funds rather than have their loans forgiven.

COVID-19 has shifted the way pastors are looking at church finances in the long-term. Here’s how experts say congregations should prepare for the next five years.

Songwriter Sandra McCracken discusses how songs and Scripture help us find our place in God’s story.

On CT’s podcast Where Ya From, Lecrae talks about grappling with his past as he moves forward in faith.

In other news

William Neil “Doc” Gallagher, Christian radio show host and author of Jesus Christ, Money Master, has received three life sentences for financial schemes defrauding elderly people.

Starting this week, churches in the Australian state of Victoria are subject to a 30-person limit on gatherings, unless they opt to check attendees’ vaccination status.

A new prison complex in Egypt will be the first to offer dedicated chapel space for Christian worship.

Eisenach, Germany, kicked off celebrations marking 500 years since Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German.

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