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Monday, October 11, 2021

Iraqi Christians in the city of Erbil

Iraqi Christians in the city of Erbil will soon have new freedom to elect their own local leaders. A Chaldean Catholic bishop shares with CT about working alongside the government to sustain the minority church.

Some Pennsylvania Christians have claimed religious exemptions to rules that require their children to wear masks—but only COVID-19 masks, not sports masks or Halloween masks. Inconsistent appeals for religious exemptions are undermining important freedoms.

Archaeologists at Colonial Williamsburg believe they have found the original foundation of one of the oldest Black churches in America.

Spanning from colonial America to the modern-day Middle East, we’ve got three new Christian novels to add to your reading list.

In other news

Christian television network Daystar is suing a Kentucky church that allegedly skipped out on a $1.1 million programming bill, even after offering to pay it back in Bibles.

The World Health Organization approved the first malaria vaccine, a milestone that is expected to affect Christian humanitarian work around the globe.

The US Army tried to tear down this 18th century Bavarian church at a base in Germany, but its walls were indestructible. Now it remains standing as a literal bat sanctuary.

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