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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

God used a prison sentence and a church invitation

In CT’s newest cover story, researchers make the case that declining church participation is actually a public health crisis.

It’s been nearly a year since the ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and religious clerics are still trying to broker peace where politicians and generals have failed.

How God used a prison sentence and a church invitation to teach James D. Croone his worth in Christ.

The head of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship says he’s learned about spiritual resilience from Generation Z believers.

This week on The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, Mike Cosper falls down the rabbit hole of church planting.

In other news

Calvin University announced plans this week to add a school of health, thanks to a $15 million gift from an anonymous donor.

A diver off the coast of Israel discovered a 900-year-old shell-encrusted iron sword from the Crusades.

An artist in Cyprus got in trouble with the government and the Greek Orthodox church for his depictions of Jesus criticizing wealth and power.

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