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Monday, October 18, 2021

Evangelicals now outnumber Catholics in Honduras

Southern Baptist Executive Committee president Ronnie Floyd is stepping down amid turmoil over its recent vote to waive attorney-client privilege in an abuse investigation.

Most churchgoers in the US say their churches are open, they feel safe attending, and they trust their pastor’s vaccine advice, according to the latest survey from Pew Research.

Hide it under a bushel? In Zimbabwe, Christian vaccine advocates are navigating the stigma of getting the shot and suggest that congregants do so in secret.

Some Coptic Christians see remarks by Egypt’s new president as a promising sign for religious freedom.

A source of hope, a reason for thanksgiving, and more are detailed in this catechism proclaiming God’s goodness in the lives of single Christians. It’s authored by blogger and theology student Alicia Akins.

In other news

The new New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, due out in May, will be “as free as possible from the gender bias inherent in the English language, which can obscure earlier oral and written renditions,” according to the National Council of Churches.

Evangelicals now outnumber Catholics in Honduras.

The new coach of Indianapolis, Indiana’s football team has a curious item on his resume. Before coaching the Colts, he was president of Reformed Theological Seminary’s Charlotte campus.

Underneath one of the greatest paintings of the Reformation, researchers have discovered a bit of sibling rivalry.

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