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Friday, October 15, 2021

Church Attendance hemorrhaging at small and midsize US congregations

Study: Attendance hemorrhaging at small and midsize US congregations
Religion News Service: The Faith Communities Today survey finds that half of the country’s congregations had 65 or fewer people in attendance on any given weekend, a drop from a median attendance level of 137 people in 2000.
Ronnie Floyd resigns from SBC executive committee
Christianity Today: The EC president and CEO says he “will not and cannot” lead after its vote to waive attorney-client privilege.
Most Americans who go to religious services say they would trust their clergy’s advice on COVID-19 vaccines
Pew Research Center: But a slim majority have not heard their congregation’s leaders say much about them.
National Council of Churches elects all-female officers, approves NRSV update
Religion News Service: ‘At this pivotal time in the life of the church in the United States, it is noteworthy that the NCC is modeling inclusiveness in selecting its leaders,’ said its new chair.
Higher ed and public radio are enmeshed. So what happens when the culture wars come?
Nieman Lab: With higher education at the crossroads of the culture war, public media is vulnerable to growing political interference over its operations.

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