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Friday, October 22, 2021

Can anyone lead the Southern Baptist Convention forward?

If faith leaders want to reach Gen Z, meet them in the streets
Religion News Service: New data show that 20% of ‘very religious’ young people say they engage in acts of protest on a daily basis.
When it comes to vaccine resistance, are anti-vax pastors really the problem?
Deseret News: New research unveils that very few American faith leaders actively discourage vaccination, but they rarely talk about vaccines either way.
In a post-Trump world, these pastors are ditching the evangelical label for something new*
The Washington Post: A two-day meeting, which took place at South Bend City Church in mid-October, is part of a larger reckoning inside congregations and among individuals grappling with their faith identity in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency.
Oregon approved state employee religious exemptions at nearly twice the rate Washington did
Seattle Times: Oregon has granted religious exemptions from Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate to at least 11% of state executive branch workers, nearly double the rate of faith-based exemptions approved for state workers in Washington.
Afghan women who once presided over abuse cases now fear for their lives*
The New York Times: They fear that they or their loved ones could be tracked down and killed because of their work delivering justice to women. “We have lost everything — our jobs, our homes, the way we lived.”
Can anyone lead the Southern Baptist Convention forward?
Religion News Service: Ronnie Floyd joins a growing list of SBC leaders who resigned due to controversy.
Adventures in navigating an interfaith marriage
Deseret News: Data from Pew Research Center shows interfaith marriages are becoming more common.
Religion scholar Anthea Butler on “White Christianity” and its role in fueling fascism*
Salon: Author of “White Evangelical Racism” explains how a specific strain of Christianity became a toxic political force.
Are non-Christian employees represented in your holiday policies?
Harvard Business Review: Accommodating a religiously diverse workplace is not just a nice to have practice; it’s increasingly becoming a must have for business and company leaders.
‘Church of the Apostles’ in Bethsaida mysteriously buried, archaeologists discover
Haaretz: Researchers at the Sea of Galilee find inscriptions proving they found a major church, shoring up their belief that this was the church of Jesus’ disciples, the real Bethsaida.

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