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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A 100-year-old priest was nudged from his parish

A 100-year-old priest was nudged from his parish. He has no plan to retire.*
The New York Times: The Rev. Luis Urriza arrived in Beaumont, Texas, nearly 70 years ago and founded the thriving Cristo Rey parish. His religious order has now called him back to Spain.
Why are so many of the most influential moms on the internet Mormon?*
Christian Century: Influencer culture and LDS theology fit together surprisingly well.
Death, addiction, grace: a year as chaplain in New York’s toughest hospital
The Guardian: While training as a chaplain and caring for society’s most vulnerable, Bryan Mealer learned that spiritual care is an act of social justice.
Cornerstone University votes no-confidence in president the day before inauguration
Religion News Service: President Gerson Moreno-Riaño has allegedly opposed diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and created a culture of fear and suspicion.
How ethnic and religious divides in Afghanistan are contributing to violence against minorities
The Conversation: Close to a hundred Afghan Shiite Muslims were killed in attacks on mosques in October 2021.

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