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Friday, October 22, 2021

125-foot cross that will double as a cell tower

Together for the Gospel announces that next year will be its last conference as co-founder Albert Mohler steps away.

“Exvangelical” is a new term, but Russell Moore learned about people struggling with church from his dad. The lesson: Don’t mistake hurt for rebellion, trauma for infidelity, or a broken heart for an empty soul.

When mission and relief work becomes increasingly dangerous in places like Haiti, how should balance the risk and the call to sacrifice?

Divisions in the church are justifiable. But unity really is possible.

A Church Law & Tax seminar on how to protect your church from fraud.

In other news

Texans will vote on whether the government can limit religious services during a public health crisis.

Thousands of UK churches using Virgin Money’s digital giving platform for donations have to find a replacement program before it shutters at the end of the month.

A Christian motorcycle club in Norway celebrates its 40th anniversary.

A Florida church got permission to build a 125-foot cross that will double as a cell tower. That’s pretty tall, but about 89-feet shorter than the tallest cross currently standing in the US.

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