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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

why Christians keep preaching the gospel … to themselves

Paying attention to the plight of the global church in places like China and Afghanistan not only prompts us to pray in solidarity with them, but also disciples us.

With all the stories of abuse and racial injustice emerging from the church, it can feel like the church is in unprecedented times, but even the early church had been blind to systemic neglect. Will we also take the opportunity to listen, repent, and serve?

Jen Wilkin reflects on why Christians keep preaching the gospel … to themselves.

In other news

The Protestant church in Algeria is “in the middle of another wave of persecution,” with recent arrests for ministry activity such as producing Christian materials and receiving charitable donations.

Religious exemptions to COVID-19 mandates are going to be complicated for pastors and courts alike. As one legal expert said, “Some of these claims are sincerely held but whether they’re shaped by religious belief or political belief could be a harder question.”

How third-culture kids, raised by missionaries, prepare to go to Christian college in the US.

Airbnb, but for churches?

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