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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Vocational gluttony

Why a healthy, functioning democracy needs religion
Deseret News: A new book by renowned scholar Robert Wuthnow explains why religious groups provide an extra set of checks and balances for America’s democratic system.
Vocational gluttony*
Christian Century: Finding a through line for life’s many pursuits
The Christian case for Biden’s plan to raise taxes on America’s rich
NBC News: Too often, Christian politics gets reduced to abortion and same-sex marriage — topics Jesus never talked about. The Gospels do record him speaking out about economic justice, though.
The Sunday Assembly hopes to organize a godless future. It’s not easy.
Religion News Service: At its peak, there were about 70 congregations in the Sunday Assembly movement. About half have shut down or gone dormant.
The church of Jonathan Franzen*
The New Yorker: In “Crossroads,” bad decisions and bad faith weigh down the characters — and propel the novel to startling heights.

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