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Friday, September 3, 2021

The Church of England has 19,000 church graveyards

A recent translation of the New Testament adopts Native American descriptors for God—the Creator and Great Spirit—as a part of efforts to decolonize and indigenize Scripture. Paul writes as the “wisdomkeeper to all nations” in this Ephesians passage from the First Nations Version.

Quick to Listen looks to the Book of Proverbs for insight as Christians weigh the wisdom and folly of COVID-19 responses.

This week on Viral Jesus: How to do theology online when there are trolls.

In other news

Some Australian evangelicals have pushed back against a Christian petition against vaccine passports after the country’s prime minister suggested the measure.

Ministry Watch ranked the states bringing in the most ministry revenue, starting with California—home to Pepperdine University and K-LOVE (for now).

The Church of England launched a project to map all 19,000 of its church graveyards and make them available online for free.

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