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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Supreme Court, breaking silence, won’t block Texas abortion law

Supreme Court, breaking silence, won’t block Texas abortion law
The New York Times *

Biden blasts Texas’ six-week abortion ban as ‘extreme’ and violation of a constitutional right

Abortion becomes a ‘huge motivator’ in governor races

Religious exemptions from coronavirus vaccines are expected to become a legal battleground
The Washington Post *

U.S. faith groups unite to help Afghanistan refugees after war
The Associated Press

Vatican exonerates Brooklyn bishop accused of sexual abuse
The Associated Press

Staccato Powell, disrobed as AME Zion bishop: pioneer or swindler?
Religion News Service

Bill tells NC hospitals to let in clergy during emergency
The Associated Press

Before balls and strikes, umpires make a call to pray
The New York Times *

International headlines

Church: Talks on Sri Lankan blasts require government credibility
The Associated Press

Beaten and humiliated by Hindu mobs for being a Muslim in India
BBC News

Millions of children in religious groups in England and Wales vulnerable to abuse
The Guardian

Canadian police investigate after threatening, racist letter sent to mosque
CBC News

Thailand’s ‘spirit houses’ believed to bring fortune and protection
Deutsche Welle

Medieval Hebrew prayer book expected to fetch up to $6m at auction
The Guardian

Analysis and commentary

What the Texas abortion ban does — and what it means for other states

Texas abortion ban opens up ‘Wild West’ of enforcement, critics say
Reuters *

The deviousness of Texas’s new abortion law
The Atlantic *

The Texas heartbeat bill is a preview of a post-Roe world
National Review *

The sticky problem of ‘religious exemption’ from vaccine mandates
The Week

After Dan Darling, truthful evangelicals look unemployable
Religion News Service

In the eyes of God, does a state have the right to kill a man?
The New York Times *

What are the Jewish High Holy Days? A look at Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and a month of celebrating renewal and moral responsibility
The Conversation


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