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Monday, September 6, 2021

Scripture tells us something different about prayer

An InterVarsity minister at Harvard explains how electing an atheist as president of the school’s chaplains is reflective of the kind of interfaith setting where evangelicals can thrive.

Ted Lasso, with all its humor and heart, has been called the perfect pandemic TV show. But as Christians rightfully long for the good news during a time of trauma, how can we avoid shallow optimism and offer a greater gospel?

Even among faithful Christians, prayer can feel like a burden, a responsibility, a habit we wish we turned to more. But Scripture tells us something different about prayer—that it’s God’s work, not ours.

In other news

The only mainline denomination that has never had a split, the Moravians are now quareling over same-sex marriage and church poliity.

At least 80 Southern Baptist churches in Louisiana were damaged by Hurricane Ida, where the convention has set up mass feeding units and collections for relief supplies.

A sign saying “Do Not Text and Drive” was illegal in this New York town, until the homeowner added a Bible verse.

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