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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Now I see autism and neurodiversity as gifts

In his recent account of living “on the spectrum,” an evangelical professor invites the church to see autism and neurodiversity as gifts.

The Afghan refugees seeking safety in the US are not  threat to us, but an opportunity to extend Christlike love, writes Russell Moore.

Mark Driscoll often repeated the story of God’s audible voice calling him to plant Mars Hill Church. This week’s short episode of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast looks at how that narrative influenced the church’s trajectory.

In other news

A new report on religious freedom violations in North Korea details how the country’s anti-Christian propaganda portrays missionaries as villains to the point that “missionary” has become a curse word.

Mississippi gospel singer Lee Williams, of Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs (Qualified Christians), has died at 75. Check out the quartet’s first national hit, “I’ve Learned to Lean.”

The Church of Scotland has appointed a veterinarian-pastor as its first-ever minister to the veterinary community, which suffers high rates of mental health issues and suicide.

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