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Saturday, August 28, 2021

The new chief chaplain at Harvard? An atheist

Afghanistan's Christians are turning off phones and going into hiding
The Hill: Afghan Christians and many other religious minority groups are stranded. Without knowing how sophisticated the Taliban’s tracking capabilities are, Christians are turning off their phones to avoid surveillance and have started moving to undisclosed locations. 
Religion News Service: 
How to help Afghans arriving in the US after fleeing the Taliban
If you are a pastor in an abusive church, please know that you are not alone
Baptist News Global: Many are walking away from vocational ministry and faith-based institutions because they are done with this cycle of promises and broken trust. They are done with the abusive vocational relationships that often seem one sided, writes Jonathan Davis.
Ritter retires after record pastoral tenure
Baptist Messenger: Arbuary Ritter, who pastored his first congregation while still in high school, is retiring after 60 years of serving a church in southwest Oklahoma; he holds the longest recorded pastoral tenure in the Southern Baptist Convention.
Former pastor creates indigenous version of Scripture
Interlochen Public Radio: Terry M. Wildman has created the First Nations Version, a New Testament translation that honors Native American language and thought patterns.
The new chief chaplain at Harvard? An atheist.*
New York Times: The elevation of Greg Epstein, author of “Good Without God,” reflects a broader trend of young people who increasingly identify as spiritual but religiously nonaffiliated.

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