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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

the ambitious biblical theme park is closed for good

6 members of a Florida church died of COVID-19 in 2 weeks, pastor says. On Sunday the church held a vaccination clinic
CNN: Pastor George Davis said that four of the deaths were members under the age of 35 and that they were all healthy — but that none of them were vaccinated.
Young evangelicals are leaving church. LGBTQ bias may be driving them away.
Religion News Service: As white evangelical denominations double down on their opposition to equality, many younger evangelicals, gay and straight, are voting with their feet.
Some praise, some doubts as Facebook rolls out a prayer tool
Associated Press: The social media giant has rolled out a new prayer request feature, a tool embraced by some religious leaders as a cutting-edge way to engage the faithful online. Others are eyeing it warily as they weigh its usefulness against the privacy and security concerns they have with Facebook.
When localism becomes nationalism*
Christian Century: At the farmers market, Rebecca Bratten Weiss found something she didn’t expect — white supremacists.
More clergy abuse is finally being prosecuted, no thanks to the church, a lawyer says
NPR: Mitchell Garabedian has settled more than 2,000 clergy sex abuse cases over the past 20-plus years and is the lawyer representing an abuse survivor in a current civil case against McCarrick.
Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ is a humanizing look at ‘gay conversion’ therapy survivors
HuffPost: “It’s undeniable that this movement causes harm,” said filmmaker Kristine Stolakis, whose late uncle hoped to “cure” his trans identity with reparative therapy.
Abortion just isn’t the motivating issue for evangelicals it once was
Religion News Service: Studies show white evangelicals, by and large, do not have a hard-line approach to abortion — other issues like immigration and race are taking priority over advocating for the unborn.
Catholic Church in Italy grapples with loss of tax funds
Crux: Since the 1980s, the main source of revenue for Italy’s Catholic Church has been what’s called the “8×1000,” or the “eight per thousand,” meaning a share of everyone’s personal income tax the state distributes between itself and a charitable entity of the taxpayer’s choosing.
The Holy Land Experience never made it to the financial promised land
Christianity Today: After 20 years, the ambitious biblical theme park is closed for good.
Marc Lieberman, who brought Jews and Buddhists together, dies at 72*
The New York Times: He called himself “a healthy mosaic” of the two faiths. An ophthalmologist, he also ran a clinic that brought sight back to Tibetans with cataracts.

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