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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Poll reveals religious differences in acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine

Poll reveals religious differences in acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine
National Catholic Reporter: Forty percent of white Catholics and 48% of Hispanic Catholics said they have gotten or will get their children vaccinated, but only 18% of white evangelical Protestants and 27% of Hispanic Protestants said they will do the same.
Deseret News:
Why so many white evangelicals are shifting from vaccine hesitance to acceptance
U.S. employers get religion with vaccine mandates
Reuters: Employers have to make reasonable accommodations for staff who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or refuse vaccination because of “sincerely held religious beliefs.”
America’s Revival features calls to prayer, Jesus trumps COVID claims and Mike Lindell conspiracy theories
Religion News Service: A three-day God and country revival kicked off with calls to prayer and a prediction about Trump's return.
Amid calls to #TaxTheChurches — how much do US religious organizations not pay tax?
The Conversation: In 2012, churches in the U.S. got out of paying an estimated $71 billion in taxes.
Teachers are quitting their jobs over stress of COVID, overwork*
Teen Vogue: Nearly one out of four teachers in the U.S. considered leaving their job by the end of this past school year.

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