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Thursday, August 19, 2021

How can I keep from singing?

Evangelical students are headed back to college and they’re ready to talk about racism. A survey of InterVarsity students at secular schools found racism and poverty are top concerns.

Church history, properly understood, should leave Christians humbled and inspired.

mewithoutYou’s farewell tour was postponed by the pandemic, but the indie rockers kicked off the “beginning of the end” with a set of shows last weekend celebrating the 15th anniversary of their album Brother, Sister. Music reviewer Joel Heng Hartse looks back at how the band reveled in the ambiguity of their Christian rock label.

Andrew Walls, British historian of African Christianity, has died at 93. In this 2007 profile, CT called Walls “the most important person you don’t know,” for his groundbreaking work rethinking modern Christianity’s geographical center of gravity.

In other news

Nearly 600 people were baptized across the 23 sites of Elevation Church earlier this month. The megachurch led by Steven Furtick previously stirred discussion on the merits and concerns around spontaneous baptisms.

John Zorn has died at 86. An estimated 250,000 people have participated in Lads to Leaders, a program he founded in a Georgia Church of Christ.

A 37-year-old man sentenced to die in Texas is suing for the right to be touched by his Baptist pastor during the execution.

A choral group of Georgia high school students is exploring the shape-note singing developed by Shakers on the American frontier, and the results are sure to resonate in our own time of pandemic. Check out: How can I keep from singing?

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