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Monday, August 16, 2021

Cornel West on why the left needs Jesus

Cardinal Burke is placed on ventilator days after testing positive for COVID-19
Religion News Service: The conservative cardinal, a vaccine skeptic, announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 on Aug. 10.
Cornel West on why the left needs Jesus*
The Atlantic: The famous professor has found himself out of step with cancel culture and the search for political purity among progressives.
‘The most segregated hour’: one woman’s quest to promote dialogue between Black and white Christians
The Guardian: Latasha Morrison has made it her mission to help Christians of different races talk about racial justice – and maybe even form genuine friendships.
Supreme Court rejects challenge to Indiana University’s vaccine mandate
National Catholic Reporter: The Supreme Court announced Aug. 12 that it will not hear an appeal from a group of students at Indiana University who are opposed to the university’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
Long-haul COVID offers a reminder to the church of the need to be more accessible to those living with disabilities
Baptist News Global: In the wake of COVID-19, some individuals who are diagnosed with “long COVID” are experiencing the reality of disability as they face symptoms that restrict their ability to move through life without limitations.

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