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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

100 life-sized wood carvings

With no official church in Afghanistan, worship services on satellite TV remain one of the last resources for Christians now living under Taliban control.

Last week, the spokesman of the Christian communicators association NRB, Daniel Darling, was fired for speaking out in national media in favor of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Five more diocesan leaders in Wheaton, Illinois, have stepped down from some of their duties as the ACNA prepares to investigate their response to abuse.

Some Christians leave Twitter for ethical and spiritual reasons. But is there a case for the other side, a moral responsibility to stay on social media?

In other news

After President Joe Biden quoted Isaiah 6:8 in his address on the Afghanistan withdrawal, Ed Stetzer warned about the conflation of American foreign involvement with Christian mission.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance celebrated the start of work on new national headquarters by throwing tomatoes at a vacant Kmart.

After two Super Bowl wins, NFL champ Stefen Wisniewski is retiring to become a pastor.

In Ohio, a biblical wax museum expands with 100 life-sized wood carvings.


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