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Monday, July 26, 2021

The unmaking of biblical womanhood

Vatican reveals it owns more than 5,000 properties
The Guardian: Real estate holdings published for first time show it owns 4,051 properties in Italy, 1,120 abroad.
A Catholic newsletter promised investigative journalism. Then it outed a priest using Grindr data.*
The Washington Post: Condon and Flynn, two 38-year-old canon lawyers-turned-muckrakers, are at the center of both a global surveillance-ethics story as well as a mud fight among their fellow Catholics over whether last week they served or disgraced the church.
The unmaking of biblical womanhood*
The New Yorker: How a nascent movement against complementarianism is confronting Christian patriarchy from within.
Why faith leaders are calling on Congress to tackle immigration reform
Deseret News: In the wake of a federal judge’s ruling that DACA is an illegal overreach of executive authority, faith leaders want bipartisan legislation that will safeguard ‘Dreamers’ and other immigrants.
Reparations bill gains momentum as an interfaith cause
Religion News Service: ‘It is all about how can we repair the damage to those among us who have been hurt because of past practices,’ said an Evanston, Illinois, pastor.

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