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Monday, July 12, 2021

The Christian right is in decline, and it’s taking America with it

NDAs kept these Christians silent. Now they’re speaking out against them.
Christianity Today: A wave of activists across countries and denominations is calling for the end to non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses.
The Christian right is in decline, and it’s taking America with it*
The New York Times: The evangelicals who thought they were about to take over America were destined for disappointment.
Descendants of enslaved people join dig on former Jesuit plantation
Religion News Service: Vickie White Nelson, 49, has deep roots in southern Maryland. Her ancestor, Regis Gough, was enslaved there on a plantation owned by Jesuits.
There are 11,073 Muslims in federal prisons but just 13 chaplains to minister to them
NPR: Muslims, the third-largest faith group in federal prisons, are significantly underrepresented among the chaplaincy.
Guardian journalist helped me see a way out, ex-cult member recalls
The Guardian: Former Children of God member says simple question put to her by Walter Schwarz was life-changing.

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