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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A Korean Methodist pastor is fighting a two-year suspension

The captured Nigerian schoolgirls who inspired #BringBackOurGirls became the most famous hostages in the world back in 2014. Now we have the untold story of how they kept their faith while detained by Boko Haram terrorists.

Mars Hill was a church of nearly 15,000 people, in 15 locations, in four states. Then it was gone. “Who Killed Mars Hill?” the first episode of CT’s newest serial podcast, dropped this morning.

For everyone reconsidering their relationship to home and place during pandemic relocations, check out Bonnie Kristian and Grace Olmstead’s reflections on being uprooted.

The Christian journal Ekstasis, known for its beautiful design and thoughtful theological essays, is now a part of Christianity Today.

New Testament scholar Richard N. Longenecker has died at 90. At the forefront of scholarly debates about the apostle Paul, he never forgot he was studying Holy Scripture.

In other news

A Korean Methodist pastor is fighting a two-year suspension for offering a blessing at an LGBT festival in 2019.

A British auction house has agreed not to sell a Coptic Bible looted from Ethiopia in 1868.

For people who want morality and altruism without any “God stuff,” a subscription box to teach atheist children to be good without going to church.

A California pastor cut his hair for the first time in 18 months after letting it grow as a measure of the time his congregation spent apart and a sign of lament during the pandemic.

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