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Friday, May 7, 2021

When will it be safe to sing?

Praying can be easy. But understanding how it works is hard. An expert explains why scientists struggle to put prayer under the microscope.

Christian moms share how the pandemic has changed their family discipleship routines for the better.

The coronavirus may be novel, but the church’s calling to care for the welfare of the human body is not.

Christians unite to pray as COVID-19 deaths overwhelm India’s crematoriums.

In other news

The European Union has appointed a new special envoy to advocate for international religious freedom, after more than a year of concern it was no longer an EU priority.

The Anglican Diocese of Sydney has appointed a non-Anglo archbishop for the first time in its history. Born in London to Sri Lankan parents, Kanishka Raffel is also a convert from Buddhism.

Two hundred members were expelled from a Florida Baptist church in a Friday night email during an ongoing fight over leadership and finances.

Mennonites ask, when will it be safe to sing?

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