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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Giving down by half in Church of God in Christ

Paying for war? These Christians refuse
Sojourners: Some find tax season to be a time to reaffirm their spiritual commitment to not paying for war.

Giving down by half in Church of God in Christ
Christianity Today: New presiding bishop says budget is top priority for the Black Pentecostal denomination.

‘If we don’t give, people don’t eat’: Yemen focus of UK Ramadan giving
The Guardian: As Britain cuts aid to war-torn country on brink of famine Muslim charities are directing donations towards feeding population.

New book explores how Desmond Tutu’s Christian mysticism helped unite a nation
Religion News Service: In his new book, ‘Desmond Tutu: A Spiritual Biography of South Africa’s Confessor,’ Michael Battle delves into the ways Tutu’s religious formation shaped a vision that helped topple apartheid and unite a riven nation.

Scholars fear impact of Poland’s law on the Holocaust
Inside Higher Ed: They fear some are holding back in their research on discussing the country's complicity.

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