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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Clinging to hope in pandemic times

One year into the disruptions caused by COVID-19, faith leaders from around the country discuss what has been learned and what still needs to be asked.
By Michael Gienger and Julia Riley
The deadly storm presents an opportunity for Lenten reflection, self-examination and confession, write two pastors who serve in a hard-hit community.
By Jean Neely
Despair is an understandable response to the world around us, writes an author and independent scholar living with bipolar disorder. But she finds hope in her trust that God is with her through it all.
Q & A with Wendy Puffer
Using the principles of design thinking can push Christian leaders to listen more closely to their surrounding communities and be more creative in addressing their needs, says the co-founder of Marion Design Co. 
By Dave Odom
After an unprecedented year, looking ahead can feel overwhelming. The right questions and partners can help prioritize what comes next, writes the executive director of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.
By Heidi A. Campbell
The move to doing church online isn’t just a necessity during the pandemic. It prepares religious institutions to become more flexible in meeting future challenges long-term, says a scholar who researches digital religion.

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