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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Christians examine how to avoid ‘betrayal blindness’

After Ravi Zacharias report, Christians examine how to avoid ‘betrayal blindness’

Religion News Service: Why does it take so long for religious groups to admit the truth about their leaders?

Author of Eugene Peterson biography was one of many shaped by America’s pastor
Baptist News Global: “I hope people feel like they actually encounter Eugene and enter into his world,” Collier said of his book.
Why a Catholic journalist is urging the church to engage Black Lives Matter
National Catholic Reporter: If the Catholic Church doesn’t do more to engage with Black Lives Matter, “the future of our church is at stake,” Segura said.
‘Undiscovered’ painting linked to Titian found hanging in English church after more than a century
CNN: A painting of the Last Supper which hung for more than a century in a small English church was created in Titian’s workshop, art historians have found.
Since this California church began flouting pandemic restrictions, attendance has surged*
The Washington Post: Over the past year, though, this Ventura County congregation has transformed into a kind of garrison in the coronavirus culture wars.

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