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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The global Christian Right

Biden signs executive order reestablishing White House faith office
Religion News Service

Religion and the death penalty collide at the Supreme Court
The Associated Press

On social media, vaccine misinformation mixes with extreme faith
The Washington Post *

Under pressure, California church postpones conference for thousands
The New York Times *

California legislator wants religious services deemed essential during state of emergency
Religion News Service

Religious groups back Montana bill exempting them from campaign disclosure rules
Independent Record *

Ash Wednesday rituals tweaked for coronavirus as Christians are reminded of death
The Washington Post *

Rev. Frederick K.C. Price of Crenshaw Christian Center in South L.A. dies from COVID-19
Los Angeles Times *

The 19th-century church one artist calls home
The New York Times *

Analysis and commentary

Henry Louis Gates Jr. on African American religion
The New York Times *

The global Christian Right
First Things *

Biden bids to be a peacemaker in Americans’ religious wars
The Washington Post *

Eric Metaxas believes America is creeping toward Nazi Germany
The Atlantic *

Yes, the Catholic Church benefited from federal PPP loans. Good for them
Religion News Service

The world faces new anti-Semitic threats, and Biden must adopt new tools to fight them
Forward *

There’s a reason Muslim women struggle to make their voices heard
The Guardian

The many ways Muslim prisoners are denied religious rights in prison

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