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Friday, October 2, 2020

Is God Talk Gone from the Presidential Debates?

Monica and Macrina didn’t just influence Augustine and Gregory of Nyssa. They were biblical interpreters in their own right.
Han-luen Kantzer Komline
We craft personas as preachers. God prefers to use us as real people.
Daniel Harrell
And far fewer plan to vote third-party in 2020, LifeWay finds.
Aaron Earls – LifeWay Research
As Americans lead decline in agreeing good values require belief in God, Bulgaria bucks the global trend.
Mladen Aleksic
Our research roundup for pastors.
Compiled by Ted Olsen
How the sharing of prayer and pain leads to trust—and then to change.
Interview by Kathryn Freeman
To be participate in God’s love and healing amid racism, you must slow down and prayerfully ask yourself questions.
Zakiya Mims
Steven Garber envisions lives marked by greater coherence between our deepest commitments and our everyday cares.
Charlie Peacock
As Mali experiences a coup amid sputtering West African campaign against jihadist threat, Burkinabe citizens join the fight themselves.
Jayson Casper
After few faith references by Trump and Biden at party conventions, the candidates are expected to stick to policy discussions when they take the national stage.
Ryan P. Burge
Translation was led by deaf people trained in the biblical languages.
Daniel Silliman
Surprising points of political commonality found between religious groups in fifth annual American Muslim Poll.
Jayson Casper
Update: The Southern Baptist publisher will instead try to resolve its disagreement with Thom Ranier over whether he can now partner with Tyndale.
David Roach – Baptist Press
With an abortion record opposite Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s, Barrett has said her faith does not shape her decisions behind the bench.
Mark Sherman – Associated Press
Unlike most Americans, they say many of their close friends will vote differently from them in 2020.
Kate Shellnutt
Why we report bad news about leaders—even after they have passed away.
The Editors
Christians are transforming the world of wealth management.
Jessica Fralin

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