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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Why masks are a religious issue

Georgia church leaves United Methodist over LGBTQ clergy, same-sex marriage
NPR: A local church in Georgia that supports LGBTQ rights says it is splitting from the United Methodist Church, becoming the first congregation in the country to act on a growing rift between progressives and conservatives within the denomination.

Students may lose trust in colleges due to pandemic response
Inside Higher Ed: With pivots, lockdowns and outbreaks occurring at campuses around the country, will students trust their colleges in the future?

Muslim minority teacher tells of forced sterilization in Xinjiang
The Guardian: The Chinese government threatened a woman when she resisted in move to suppress Muslim minority birth rates.

We need to declare a national emergency on deadly policing
Religion News Service: It is time that this society faces the truth that the American exceptionalism that is so deeply rooted in our nation's identity and that protects social constructs of whiteness at all costs depends on a fundamental narrative of anti-Blackness.

What to know about Patriot Prayer, a far-right group backed by Portland shooting victim
HuffPost: Patriot Prayer has hosted dozens of pro-gun, pro-Trump rallies in the Pacific Northwest, often clashing with left-wing groups.

Texas pastor knew he was vulnerable to COVID-19. But he felt at peace.
NBC News: "He would say -- and it came from such an authentic place -- that his hope was in Christ and resurrection," the Rev. Jaime McGlothlin said.

Majority of White Christians see no pattern in killings*
Christian Century: During a summer punctuated by White police officers gunning down Black body after Black body, PRRI found that most White Christians -- across denominations -- continued to see such shootings as isolated incidents.

How philanthropy benefits the super-rich
The Guardian: There are more philanthropists than ever before. Each year they give tens of billions to charitable causes. So how come inequality keeps rising?

Why masks are a religious issue
The Conversation: Seemingly everyone has an opinion on masks: when to wear them, how to wear them, which ones are best and even whether we should be wearing them at all.

Pope set to make first trip since pandemic to Assisi
Associated Press: Pope Francis is next month set to make what would be his first visit outside Rome since Italy was put under lockdown in early March when it became the first country in Europe to feel the full brunt of the coronavirus pandemic.

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