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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Who cares for the shepherds?

 Churches can help stop the spread of the coronavirus by offering free COVID-19 testing

Inspired by the success of a program at Convent Avenue Baptist Church in West Harlem, a national nonprofit hopes to encourage other congregations to get involved in overcoming the logistical, emotional and financial barriers to COVID-19 testing in underserved communities.
Strategy questions
  • In your community, who is hardest hit by the pandemic? What congregations are a part of those communities?
  • How can you support -- and learn from -- those congregations? 

By Jessica Young Brown
The toll of the last six months on clergy requires a sustained response, from the seminary and denominational levels as well as congregations, writes an expert on faith and mental health.
By Melissa Rogers
In the United States, the religious liberty of non-Christians is most endangered, writes a visiting professor at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity.
By Alaina Kleinbeck
For newcomers to the call for reparations, understanding the need to move beyond atonement to restitution is a crucial step, writes the director of the Thriving in Ministry Coordination Program at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.
Q&A with Korie Little Edwards
Diversity doesn’t necessarily challenge racism, says a sociologist who studies multicultural churches.
By Leanna K. Fuller
Some of our go-to conflict resolution practices may have to be creatively re-imagined because of the pandemic. A professor who has studied conflict offers four suggestions -- and a warning -- about resolving congregational disputes.
The Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising will offer all of its courses online through spring 2021. The ECRF, a program of Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, is designed to explore ways to cultivate a spirit of generosity within a community of faith.

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