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Thursday, September 17, 2020

The evangelicals who are taking on QAnon*

Churches report giving boost months after pandemic started

Religion News Service: The new State of the Plate research finds that close to two-thirds (64%) of churches across the country reported in August that giving is either up (22%) or steady (42%). By contrast, in April, a similar share of churches (65%) said they had seen a drop in giving.


Evangelicals for Social Action leaves behind 'evangelical' label
Christianity Today: The 47-year-old organization sticks with the broader movement's mission but not its name.


Christian worship leader brings controversial prayer rallies to cities roiled by protests*
The Washington Post: A conservative Christian musician who has been staging worship concerts across the country is performing in Kenosha, Wis., and Chicago on Wednesday as part of a controversial movement he says is intended to bring healing to cities upended by racial unrest.


The evangelicals who are taking on QAnon*
The New York Times: Some leaders are trying to save their flocks from the lure of the online conspiracy theory.


Ireland could see massive drop in numbers going to Mass after pandemic
Crux: A new poll shows that 4 percent of those who attended Mass before the crisis don't plan on returning, while 19 percent are unsure.

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