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Friday, September 25, 2020

Christian leaders are speaking up about the Breonna Taylor case


Why aren't pollsters asking how religion affects Latinos' voting?
National Catholic Reporter: For all the recent attention on Latinos, does anyone have a real sense of how they might affect the race?
Religion News Service: Biden pins his argument to Latino believers on Trump's morals
Washington Post: Despite Trump's actions against immigrants, these Latino voters want four more years*


Christian leaders are speaking up about the Breonna Taylor case
Relevant: Across the country, Christian leaders spoke up to mourn the ruling and call on others to cry for justice.


Powerful Vatican Cardinal Becciu resigns amid scandal
Associated Press: The powerful head of the Vatican's saint-making office, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, resigned suddenly from the post and renounced his rights as a cardinal amid a financial scandal.


Demonizing white evangelicals won't solve our political divisions
Religion News Service: White evangelicals must bear their share of responsibility for both racism and Christian nationalism. But I do take issue with these legitimate criticisms becoming a license for others to marginalize, even demonize, white evangelical Christians, writes a researcher.


'The earth will feel a great void': Danny Chambers, Nashville pastor who founded Oasis Church, dies
Tennessean: Danny Chambers served as a pastor at Oasis Church in Nashville and is survived by his wife and five children. The cause of death was not immediately known.

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