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Thursday, July 30, 2020

John Ortberg resigns from Menlo Church

Embattled megachurch pastor John Ortberg resigns from Menlo Church
Religion News Service: John Ortberg, popular Christian author and speaker, has resigned as pastor of Menlo Church, a megachurch congregation outside of San Francisco.

Her gospel choir brought her closer to God. Now she can only hum from home.*
The Washington Post: Usually chatty and vivacious, Callie Terrell online is mostly silent. She says little during the hour-long virtual service, which leaves her feeling like a spectator instead of a conduit of God.

Why Cornel West is hopeful (but not optimistic)
Vox: A conversation about Black liberation theology, existentialism, and other philosophies that can help us through these times.

Analysis: Do religious voters like Trump or Biden best?
Deseret News: Neither presidential candidate is taking the religious voters in their party for granted and they each have something to pitch.

The collective wisdom that emerges from The Baby-Sitters Club*
Christian Century: In the Netflix reboot, 12-year-old girls model collaborative leadership.

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