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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Sharing Jesus' love will help U.S. return to true ideals, cardinal says

Marin Catholic surprises seniors with Instagram Live sendoff

May 28, 2020 can be remembered as a day of delight instead of disappointment for 159 seniors who would have graduated publicly that day.

COVID-19 threatens livelihood of Catholic retreat centers

St. Clare’s Retreat Center is looking at the end of its 70 year mission to provide spiritual peace and healing.

Lori: All have 'duty, responsibility' to stop racism, create change

"The spectacle of the killing of George Floyd that outraged the country once again has shaken us from the mount behind the walls where we so readily hide."

Knights ask Catholics to pray novena for national unity

"We ask all people to come together in solidarity to forge a path forward -- free of discrimination and hate -- for our nation."

Online forum examines racism as pro-life issue

"It's high time to stop this fiction that we can be racist and support policies that are detrimental to people of color and  still see ourselves as pro-life."

China makes preaching patriotism compulsory to reopen churches

Government forcing religious leaders to add patriotism as part of religious teaching as a condition of reopening.

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