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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Supreme Court's "ministerial exception" case

Christian leaders seek $4B for secure voting during pandemic
Associated Press: A multi-denominational coalition of Christian leaders is calling on Congress to allocate upwards of $4 billion in its next coronavirus economic recovery measure to help Americans safely cast their votes in November.

Another heartbreak for American Jews? The cancellation of summer camps.
Religion News Service: Multiple studies have shown that kids who participate in overnight summer camps are far more likely to be engaged in Jewish life in college and beyond. More than any other institution, camps provide the glue for future Jewish commitments.

For parents of color, schooling at home can be an act of resistance
The Conversation: When books talk about subjects like segregation, slavery, colonialism or sexism, we explain those terms as best we can.

The Supreme Court seems likely to give religious employers a broad ability to discriminate
Vox: The Supreme Court's "ministerial exception" case appears likely to end in victory for the religious right.

More Americans say Trump administration has helped evangelicals than other groups
Pew Research: Americans are most likely to say the administration has helped evangelical Christians and that it has hurt Muslims.

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