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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Pastoring in a Pandemic

Pastoring in a Pandemic
In Partnership with Gloo
Empower your people. Mobilize the church.
Matt Rogers

They Named a Pandemic After This Church Leader
How a third century bishop’s response to the plague inspired the church.
Morgan Lee
Ravi Zacharias Dies of Cancer
The famous apologist was 74.
Daniel Silliman
For Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Civic Duty Began at Home
How a tour through his private living quarters helps us better understand his public responsibilities—and ours.
Leslie Leyland Fields
Martin Luther Helps Us See Divine Love in Pandemic Suffering
The German reformer would call COVID-19 an "alien work of God."
Ron Rittgers
Martin Luther: Whether One May Flee From A Deadly Plague
Read in full the famous reformer’s advice on Christian faithfulness amid pandemics like the coronavirus.
Martin Luther
The Humbling of a Proud Hindu
How God got my attention when I thought I was too good for grace.
Kamesh Sankaran
My Experience as a Trauma Chaplain Helped Me Fight Anxiety
Mental Health
Identifying our fears can better help us pastor ourselves and others better.
Steve Cuss
What a Puritan Leader Learned About Disease Control from the Man He Enslaved
Cotton Mather’s response to an outbreak in his community was inspired by Onesimus’s life story.
Morgan Lee
Don’t Give Away What’s Meant for You
Can we find oxygen for exhausted souls in Song of Songs, of all books?
Nicole Massie Martin

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