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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hope and Reconciliation in the Risen Christ

Hope and Reconciliation in the Risen Christ

Pentecost always falls on the 8th Sunday of Easter. Having celebrated the 4th Sunday of Easter, and now that we celebrate the 5th Sunday of Easter, it means that we are more than halfway through this special season of hope and reconciliation.

This hope is rooted on the fact that Jesus Christ rose victorious from death, and therefore nothing can separate us from his love. On Pentecost, we will celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and we will pray that we may be renewed in this Gift.

We are sealed with this Gift during the Sacrament of Confirmation, which is ordinarily administered by the bishop. By the way, I spoke with Bishop McElroy on the phone this past Monday, and I asked permission to have drive-in Masses in our parking lot. He will not allow them, but other activities are allowed. For example, we are having drive in adoration on Sundays from 10 AM to 4 PM. Please stay inside your vehicle if you come. Restrooms are not available. We are also doing drive-Thru confessions for our many students of first communion, and when we finish hearing their confessions, which are staggered for the next coming weeks, then we will resume Drive-Thru confessions for everyone else.

Back in mid March, The Diocese had made tentative plans that we would be returning in some fashion to having public Masses on Pentecost. Those projections, it seems now, were not that far off, since we hear more and more about reopening in society. By the end of next week, the Bishop is planning to issue further guidance on what reopening of public masses with social distancing will look like. However, according to the County, Public Masses fall under phase 3 of the State plan, which is still months away. In one or two weeks, I should have more clarity from the Bishop. By the way, we can now email this column to those of you who have supported us by way of online giving.

If you know someone who would love to receive these weekly emails, please let them know they can support us with online giving, and we can reach them more easily by email. I am very grateful to our parishioner Kay Murner, for all her work in helping us update the emails for our new data software, and also on another online newsletter provider. Thank you, Kay!

This month then is a month of reconciliation for our students, as they experience God’s mercy. This month is also a month of Mary. As part of Mass, we crowned the statue of Our lady of Fatima. It was in Fatima, Portugal that Mary first appeared to three young shepherds on May 13th, 1918. In order to commemorate that special day, we will have a Mass at 9:00 AM on May 13th accompanied by harp and song thanks to Dr. Marsha Long. It will be live streamed on YouTube.  

Besides, the changes I mentioned about a new data software, we are also changing to a new envelope company because the new company has integrated technology to allow us to upload information more easily. It will also be cheaper for us. God willing you will receive the next batch on time. We will send more envelopes per mailing, since this will be cheaper for us. If you are enrolled in online giving, and do not need envelopes, please let Aida, our bookkeeper, know.

We continued to need your financial support. We found termites in various areas inside the church, and three different companies have inspected. The cost of tenting and fumigation is in the vicinity of $30,000. We are working with these companies so that we can pay in monthly installments. Please consider making a donation to our building fund to help us pay for this needed and large expense.

We also continue to collect food and grocery store gift cards for our Food Pantry for families in need. Last Sunday was our second operation in food distribution. We are still being processed by San Diego Food Bank to see if we can receive food from them.

Lastly, I would like to share the wonderful news that we were blessed to receive from the government, the Payment Protection Program funds for 2 months of payroll, but not knowing when public Masses will resume, we continue to need your financial support. We have an old church with many needs, and a wonderful staff that we need to keep beyond the two months.

God bless, Fr. Carlos

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