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Friday, April 17, 2020

We Need a Catholic Anti-Defamation League

We Need a Catholic Anti-Defamation League

R.J. Stove

George Cardinal Pell has walked out of solitary confinement a free man. Accordingly, we Australian Catholics might be said to have won a battle. But we have not won the war. We are not within a million miles of winning the war. On present indications, we lack, humanly speaking, the slightest capacity not just to […]

Comfort in Stone

Fr. Benedict Kiely

For those who know what they are looking for, the journey to the twelfth-century Norman church of St. Mary the Virgin is still something of an adventure. Others—hikers, tourists, or just people who take a wrong turning—come upon the deserted church by accident. The winding country lanes of that part of Kent—the county where St. […]

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