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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Monks offer free caskets amid coronavirus

US bishops: Jesus' Sacred Heart is open for you, despite 'bitter affliction' of coronavirus
“This Holy Week will be different. Our churches may be closed, but Christ is not quarantined and his Gospel is not in chains.”

Monks offer free caskets amid coronavirus
An Iowa order of Trappist monks is offering an unusual but necessary act of charity amid the global pandemic - free caskets to financially struggling families who have lost a loved...

How the Phoenix diocese is helping families celebrate Holy Week at home
Holy Week this year is going to look different for almost every Catholic in the United States.

Sin starts with giving in to small temptations, Pope Francis warns
Before we commit a sin, there were usually small temptations which we let grow in our soul, eventually making excuses for ourselves and our fall, Pope Francis said during Mass...

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