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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hospital chaplains try to keep the faith

Being a resurrection people in a time of death
Religion News Service: For black Christians, the solemnity of these days and the impetus to celebrate Jesus' resurrection is threatening to be overshadowed by more intimate and immediate deaths of friends and family as a result of the coronavirus.

Hospital chaplains try to keep the faith during the coronavirus pandemic
New York Times: They are used to serving as vessels for others' grief and fear, but the outbreak has changed how they practice their work, and how they feel.

Police take license numbers, issue notices as Kentucky church holds in-person Easter service
USA Today: As hymns sang out Easter Sunday from a large outdoor speaker overlooking the Maryville Baptist Church parking lot, two Kentucky State troopers placed quarantine notices on parishioners' cars and wrote down their license numbers.

The global crisis hammers home this truth: people matter more than religion
The Guardian: We are slowly waking up to the reality that we will thrive only when authentic concern for people drives every aspect of society.

Pastors talk a lot about death around Easter. Now covid-19 is forcing more to prepare for their own.*
Washington Post: Many pastors admit they haven't made end-of-life care decisions or planned for their funerals.

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