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Saturday, April 11, 2020

For thousands, coronavirus delays reception into Catholic Church

For churches, Easter is the "Super Bowl of Sundays." This one will be rough.
Slate: It is a national season of fear, sickness, and loneliness, with no definitive end in sight. For spiritual leaders, that raises the stakes of their sermons this weekend.

For thousands, coronavirus delays reception into Catholic Church
Crux: Under normal circumstances, tens of thousands of people would be welcomed into the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil Masses around America this weekend.

Checkpoints, curfews, airlifts: Virus rips through Navajo Nation*
New York Times: The coronavirus is tearing across the largest Native American reservation in the United States. Facing a spike in deaths, Navajo officials are scrambling to respond.

A congregation that spans the US-Mexico border
Christian Century: For more than a decade, Christians have worshiped together across the border wall.

See which states have religious exemptions in their stay-at-home orders
Religion News Service: Should religious groups -- some of which are in the midst of major seasons of celebration -- be included in the bans on large gatherings amid the threat of COVID-19, or is that an infringement on religious rights?

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