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Friday, March 27, 2020

Our Spiritual Communion

Our Spiritual Communion

I listened recently to the hymn “Hosea” by Gregory Norbet, which begins with the words of God saying, “Come back to me with all your heart / Don’t let fear keep us apart.” Given the uncertainty of our times in terms of who among us will become sick, and who among us is facing economic hardships, I think that the opening lines of this hymn are perfect.

Fear can attempt to wrench us apart from each other and from God, but nothing can separate us from the love of God. We are held by the loving embrace of our God, and Christ continues to nourish us through his Word, although you may long to receive Him sacramentally. In order to protect one another, we cannot express our communion by being with each other at Mass, but if you are able to visit our website: and you will find recorded Masses, and also perhaps a way to join live for certain Masses. We will be having confessions only at 1 PM on Wednesdays in the parking lot. Drive in. Please stay in your car. Please keep your window up as a precaution to protect the priest.

Regarding the expression of our communion in non-liturgical ways: The old fashioned way of phone calls and notecards go a long way, and I want to thank our secretary Barb Mossinghoff and parishioner Brian Wallace for doing that on behalf of St Patrick Parish.

Thank you also to everyone who has continued or even increased your financial support during this time. It will allow us to keep our employees through this crisis until we are back to normal. Thank you for the donations of food as well.

I am keeping you all in my prayers, especially at the celebration of the Mass. Please see the prayer to St Rita that Fr Gary Sanders has shared.

God bless, Fr. Carlos, OSA

Prayer to St Rita by Fr. Gary Sanders, OSA

O powerful St. Rita, rightly called Saint of the Impossible, we come to you with confidence in this great need in the world. You know well our trials, for you yourself were many times burdened in this life. Come to our help, speak for us, pray with us, intercede on our behalf before the Father. We know that God has a most generous heart and that He is a most loving Father. Join your prayers to ours and obtain for us the graces we desire:
1. For an end to the Covid-19 pandemic
2. For those who are now stricken with the coronavirus
3. For those who have died as a victim of the coronavirus, and for the families who grieve them
4. For scientists and healthcare workers, that they may find a cure and a vaccine to eradicate the coronavirus, and for their own good health as they serve others
5. For all the people who have lost employment, salaries and financial security
6. For all those who live in fear that the spread of the coronavirus will attack them and their loved ones personally
7. For all those who are victims of racial profiling and prejudice because of the fear this disease brings
8. For all those who are deprived of the Eucharist, which is spiritual and real nourishment

You who were so very pleasing to God on earth, and are much more so now in heaven, we promise to use these favors, when granted, to better our lives, to proclaim God’s mercy, and to make you more widely known and loved.


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