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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Trump turns the March For Life into a campaign rally

Catholic leaders promised transparency about child abuse. They haven't delivered.
ProPublica: After decades of shielding the identities of accused child abusers from the public, many Catholic leaders are now releasing lists of their names. But the lists are inconsistent, incomplete and omit key details.

Why Christians should audit their words, worship and practices for anti-Semitism
Religion News Service: Many of the recent twisted manifestos from people enacting anti-Semitic violence make terrifying theological claims of Christian supremacy and Jewish conspiracy.
Religion News Service: Auschwitz at 75: From sorrow to song

C of E's sex guidance caused 'unnecessary distress,' say bishops
The Guardian: Statement saying sex is only for married heterosexual couples described as 'cold and uncaring.'

Trump turns the March For Life into a campaign rally
HuffPost: He is the first president to address the annual rally against abortion rights in person, according to the event's organizers.

United Methodist Church in Jackson votes to leave denomination amid proposed split over LGBT rights
Tennesean: Amid growing tensions at the international level in the United Methodist Church, the membership of Northside United Methodist Church voted on Sunday night to leave the denomination.

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