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Friday, January 10, 2020

Hacking Life

Hacking Life

There are so many good insights in this article, The Lesson to Unlearn,” I hardly know where to begin. Well, except maybe at the beginning:
The most damaging thing you learned in school wasn't something you learned in any specific class. It was learning to get good grades….
Even though I was a diligent student, almost all the work I did in school was aimed at getting a good grade on something.
This simple observation is the starting point for Paul Graham to examine post-academic culture, which he says has learned that lesson so well, it’s pretty much the way we manage life.
New Editor in Chief!
I encourage all GR readers to listen to this week’s episode of Quick to Listen, which is an interview with CT’s new editor in chief, Daniel Harrell. Contrary to some feedback, I was not fired (!) but had been planning my retirement months in advance. One reason I felt free to retire relatively early is because of the possibility of Daniel taking over. Get to know him, because I think he’s going to do a great job in that slot.
On Real Courage
I bring up the following brutal news, in part, to help us Americans, and especially American evangelicals, keep things in perspective. As many GR readers know, I wrote an editorial about President Trump, which (as they say) broke the internet. Some lauded my courage, others compared me to Satan. But a week after my editorial appeared, and just a few days after my many media appearances, Boko Haram executed 11 Christians in Nigeria.
Including me.
If we want to talk about courage—and the battle with true evil—let’s talk about the believers in Nigeria, among other places, who literally put their lives on the line just getting up in the morning and stepping outside their homes.
More Books for 2020!
I love books, and I love reading reviews of books. Many Galli Report links merely point to book reviews. Well, here are the top 15 book reviews featured in Christianity Today this past year. If they don’t tempt you to read the books, at least you’ll have a good grasp of some of the most important books published in 2019.
More on Evangelicals and Trump
My now infamous editorial has prompted a large number of replies that make me realize that there remains a great deal of confusion about some of my claims and what’s at the heart of the issues I’ve raised. So every week or so, on my website,, I’ll be posting a piece that unpacks some of the things I was saying and replying to critics along the way—hopefully in a spirit that will invite conversation. You can subscribe to the site if you want to be alerted to postings when they occur. Or you can wait for my signal here.
Mom and Pop’s Dishwasher
This last link is sure to raise substantive controversy: Why Dishwashers Have Gotten Crappier.” First, the host of the video is clearly against government regulation. Second, this won’t accord with the experience of many GR readers (including me). But I thought it was interesting anyway!
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