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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Evangelicals support prison reform in theory, but less in practice

Pope Francis appoints a woman for the first time to senior role in the Vatican's Secretariat of State
America: For the first time in history, Pope Francis has appointed a woman to a senior managerial position in the Vatican's Secretariat of State.

As Democrats grow more secular, N.H. clergy press candidates on values
Christian Science Monitor: With the Feb. 8 New Hampshire primary fast approaching, a group of New Hampshire clergy have been meeting with White House hopefuls, in an effort to inject faith-based, moral concerns into Democratic presidential politics.

Evangelicals support prison reform in theory, but less in practice
Christianity Today: Survey shows optimism for the potential for redemption and restoration, though most churches aren't involved in criminal justice efforts.

Trump to reinforce protections for prayer in schools
NPR: President Trump will use the power of his office to empower students who want to pray in their schools -- and remind public schools they risk losing federal funds if they violate their students' rights to religious expression.

Teach your children well: Viral tweet sparks debate over passing on faith
Religion News Service: Amid the nasty personal attacks Twitter has become known for, one author's tweet also sparked a conversation among Christians about how parents pass on their faith to their children.

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