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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Does This Come from Holy Spirit, or Spirit of the World?

Liturgy Q-and-A

LITURGY Q & A: Blessed Sacrament Chapels Inside a Church

When Tabernacle Isn’t Readily Visible to All
Episcopal Conferences

Promoting Dialogue and Peace in Holy Land

Pastoral Focus on Christians in Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Ramallah
Religious Freedom

President of ACN: 2019 was a Year of Martyrs

Call on World Leaders to Protect Religious Freedom
Natural and human disasters

Child-Friendly Places Help Communities Hit by Fires in Australia

Save the Children Supports Children and Families
Conflicts, War, Terrorism

Nigerian Bishop Says Government Working for Supremacy of Islam

‘The only difference between the government and Boko Haram is Boko Haram is holding a bomb.’
Eastern Churches

Egyptian President Al Sisi at Vigil of Coptic Christmas

‘If we love God, we must love each other’
Pope & Holy See

Pope’s Morning Homily: Ask Whenever You Have a Feeling or Instinct, ‘Does This Come from Holy Spirit, or Spirit of the World?’

During 1st Mass at Santa Marta of 2020, Francis Gives Practical Advice to Keep Faithful on Track
Pope and Holy See

JUST IN: Pope Francis to Return to Bari in February, Marking 1st Confirmed Travel of 2020

Saying Mass at ‘Mediterranean: Frontier of Peace’ Encounter
Natural and human disasters

Catholic Church in Australia Responds to Bushfire Crisis

Statement From Conference President Archbishop Mark Coleridge

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