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Monday, December 23, 2019

How to avoid Nuns on the Bus at your church

Construction of Navy ship ‘Harvey Milk’ begins in San Diego: Gay rights leader was kicked out of military after being caught in park popular with homosexuals
What makes the Catholic Church different: Adoration chapel dedicated in Walnut Creek
Washington Post admits pro-abortion lie: Pre-Roe deaths blown up

“The Hispanic community is bringing our numbers up”: With 1.7 million Catholics, San Bernardino diocese says it's 5th largest in U.S.
“Please, Cardinal Newman, make the bleeding stop!”: Melissa Villalobos, Chicago mother, part of canonization
What if Marc Benioff asks Archbishop Cordileone for something he could not give?: The devil's money doing God's work  

Pro-abortion language stripped from spending bills
Christ Cathedral hosts Vietnamese martyrs Mass
Menlo Park priest answers Archbishop Paglia on euthanasia

How to avoid Nuns on the Bus at your church
Catholic homilies average 14 minutes 

“Like peeling a scab off”: During ad limina visit in Rome, U.S. bishops pressure Francis on promised McCarrick report
Pope’s encounter schools launched in L.A.: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti joins Archbishop Gomez
Claremont church puts Holy Family in cages: Shared on Facebook 24,000 times

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