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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Remove stigma surrounding mental health care

'Vos estis' should guide diocesan policy, advocacy group says
The Catholic Benefits Association said last week that sexual abuse norms introduced by Pope Francis in May will likely require U.S. dioceses to amend their own internal policies...
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exas Knights of Columbus work with Mexican Knights to aid migrants
Following an August announcement from the Knights of Columbus that the group would commit at least $250,000 to aid migrants at the US-Mexico border, the fraternal...
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Disabled woman who narrowly avoided forced abortion to get forced contraception
A judge in England has decided that a disabled woman who is pregnant will be fitted with a contraceptive device immediately following her Caesarean section, Premier Christianity...
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English bishop: Remove stigma surrounding mental health care
On October 10, observed internationally as World Mental Health Day, Bishop Richard Moth of Arundel and Brighton said that society should work to remove the stigma that surrounds...
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Anything that threatens Communism is a target, Chinese human rights advocate says
Human rights lawyer and former political prisoner Chen Guangcheng said Wednesday that “anything that threatens Communist power will be a target for...
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