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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Relics of Canadian saints stolen

As Amazon synod nears end, conversations will affect situations elsewhere
As the Amazon Synod considers the evangelization—and exploitation—of indigenous Amazonian tribes, the conversation reflects as well on what is happening in other parts...
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Priest in N Ireland urges pro-choice politicians not to receive Holy Communion
A priest in Northern Ireland has exhorted pro-choice politicians not to receive Holy Communion, and Catholic voters not to vote for pro-choice candidates or parties, after...
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Relics of Canadian saints stolen from Quebec City's Cathedral
The Cathedral Basilica of Notre Dame in Quebec is working to replace relics of Canadian saints that were stolen after a break-in last month.
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Ohio teen disqualified from cross-country race over hijab
An Ohio teen is speaking out after being disqualified from an Oct. 19 cross-country meet because she was wearing a hijab.
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Pope Francis apologizes that Amazon synod 'Pachamama' was thrown into Tiber River
After controversial statues were thrown into Rome’s Tiber River, Pope Francis has issued an apology during Friday’s afternoon session of the Vatican’s Synod of...
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